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Helping the Neighborhood

Our neighborhood needs your help. More than 100 homeowners belong to the Nichols Landing Homeowners Association. Only a handful volunteer to help ensure your dues are well spent and our community is well-kept and highly valued.

The Board of Directors is a group of 3 to 7 homeowners in Nichols Landing. Some choose to hold offices, like President or Treasurer, which carry more responsibility. Others serve as Members at Large, whose duties are fewer or lighter. All volunteer as little as an hour or two each month to serve the community, including attending a brief monthly meeting to discuss and vote on neighborhood business.

Overall, serving on the Board is a small commitment that makes a big difference to the neighborhood. Please contact the Board if you'd like to serve. Members will be elected at the annual association meeting on April 18th at 7:00pm at Grace Baptist Church on Old Peachtree Rd. Your thoughtful participation will advance the association's core mission: to strengthen the value of members' homes and enhance all residents' quality of life.


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