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Board of directors

A home in Nichols Landing is a cherished asset. The Nichols Landing Homeowners Association exists to strengthen the value of members' homes and enhance all residents' quality of life. Leading this mission is the association's Board of Directors.

Getting Elected

Each year, homeowners elect the Board of Directors from a ballot of volunteers. Board members then choose four officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Others serve as Members at Large whose duties vary with the needs of the neighborhood.

BEing on the Board

Board members meet once a month for about thirty minutes and may communicate on a weekly basis by email. To view Board meeting minutes, please visit the neighborhood blog or, for meetings prior to June 2022, log in to your Silverleaf homeowner account and open the Documents folder.


Serving on the board is a small commitment that makes a big difference to the community. Overall, fulfilling member duties can take just an hour or two each month. Please consider volunteering at the next annual meeting.

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