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Annual Meeting Vote Results

Updated: May 12, 2022

The 2022 annual meeting of the HOA was held on April 19th at Grace Baptist Church. In advance of the meeting, two ballots were mailed⁠—one for electing Board members, the other for deciding what work to have done on the tennis courts. Votes have been counted. Here are the results.

New Board

The Board now has the following members:

  • Ryan Born

  • Julie Faria

  • Jesse Geller

  • Jim Killam

  • Carol Pangle

  • Stan Robinson

  • Gail Smith

The Board chose officers at its first meeting, held April 26. Learn more about the Board.

Tennis Court Repairs

By a vote of 30 to 1, the HOA decided to simply repave the tennis courts rather than redo them entirely. As stated on the ballot, repaving the courts will cost an estimated $15,000, whereas redoing the courts would have cost an estimated $75,000 and would have required that every homeowner pay a special assessment on top of their annual dues.


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